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Southwest Mexican Dishes

"Zesty Texas Style Chili"


Original "Old Southwest Mexican Chile Recipes"...mouthwatering family dishes that have been handed down over the years. The secrets of true Southwest Mexican flavors originated in the areas of Southwest Texas and Southern New Mexico...with some influence from Northern Mexico.

Authentic Mexican flavors are balanced with the pungetnt tastes of chilies and spices that bring out their character...creating a bold cuisine. These tantalizing dishes are simple and easy for the casual cook...learn to make sensational award winning Texas chile recipes.

Mexican food from this border region comes in many varieties and can be imitated, but nothing can compare to original authentic "Old Southwest Mexican Chile Recipes.

Chili History

Chile is defined as a hot or sweet pepper (natural vegetable)...Chili is a sauce of chiles, chili powder and meat. (chili con carne or chili dog).


Famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus found the West Indians growing chile in the late 1400's.Spices were of immense commercial value in Spain and this pungent chile was an important find for Columbus King Ferdinand of Spain had financed these explorations of the "New World" in order to find new riches.


Don Juan de Onate entered into Texas and New Mexico from Old Mexico in 1598.The Mexican explorer from the "New Spain" was commissioned by King Phillip II of Spain to settle New Mexico and Southwest Texas.


His mission was to build missions and spread religion to the native Indians in the region. Don Juan de Onate introduced new farming techniques that were well laced with the production of chile, which had been already introduced into the history of this region by the Spaniards.


In 1850 a Texas oil man and lover of chili, found what is thought to be one of the "original chili mixtures".


Texas oil fields and cattle drives by cowboys created an appeal for a good food staple for these hard travel times.There was a demand for good "hot grub", so trail cooks came up with a sort of chili stew.


They pounded dried beef, fat, pepper, salt and chile peppers together, to form "chili bricks" that could be boiled in pots along the trail.


It is said that some cooks planted chile pepper seeds, oregano and onions along the trails so that they would have a fresh supply as they traveled from Texas to Kansas railroad destinations during the many cattle drives.



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The recipes are very easy to follow.  The chicken tortilla soup was my favorite...some of the salsa recipes were too hot for me -

Preston Winchester - Laguna Niguel, CA USA