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Chile Pepper Basics

Botanists classify this rich vitamin content vegetable as "Capsicum Frutescens". Nutrition research shows that chile is a rich source of vitamins A and C.


There are over 3,000 varieties of chilies around the World.


I have listed the most important chile peppers that you will find in various markets. Some of these can only be found in large Mexican Supermarkets.


All of the recipes in the "Old Southwest Mexican Chile Recipes" use common chiles that are in most supermarkets and fresh vegetable markets. It should be noted, that early season chile is green and late season is red.



Anaheim Chile Pepper - A mild sized pepper that grows to 6 - 10 inches and is used either green or red.



Ancho Chile Pepper - An Ancho pepper is a dried form of the poblano chile pepper.



Cascabel Chile Pepper - The Cascabel Chile is grown in several areas of Mexico. It is small and round (2-3 cm).



Chiltepin Chile Pepper - Also called Chile tepin...is a wild chile that grows in Mexico, New Mexico and Texas.



Chipotle Chile Pepper - This is a smoke dried Jalapeno...very popular with Tex-Mex.


Espanola Chile Pepper - Pepper was the result of crossing a Sandia pepper with a New Mexico variety.



Guajillo Chile Peppers - Mild pepper, smokey, tangy, rich flavor from Mexico.



Hatch Chile Pepper - These peppers are grown in Hatch, NM with a mild flavor like the Anaheim chile pepper.



Jalapeños - This is a medium size chile pepper 2 -3 inches and is normally sold green, but can be found red.



Mulato Chile Pepper - The Mulato is a mild to medium dried Poblano similar to Ancho.



New Mex Big Jim Chile Pepper - Giant pepper introduced by New Mexico State University in 1970.



Paprika Chile Pepper - Large cone shaped pepper that is dried and ground to make a powdered spice.



Pasilla Chile Pepper - This pepper grows up to 8 - 10 inches...starts off dark green and ends up dark brown.



Poblano Chile Pepper - A very popular pepper that grows to 4 inches long, dark green and ripens to dark brown.



Santa Fe Grande Chile Pepper - Also know as Yellow Hot or Guero chile...grows to 5 inches and ripens to orange.



Serrano Chile Pepper - From the mountains of Mexico...fleshy and hotter than Jalapenos.



Sonora Chile Pepper - This is an Anaheim variety with a mild flavor...grows up to 10 inches and matures to red.




The recipes are very easy to follow.  The chicken tortilla soup was my favorite...some of the salsa recipes were too hot for me -

Preston Winchester - Laguna Niguel, CA USA